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Trail Life USA - Bartlesville, OK Troop 2206

Trail Life is a Christ-centered outdoor character development adventure program open to boys and young men aged 5-18. Boys will love the fun and adventure! Parents will love the commitment to a Christian world-view and moral consistency. Established on timeless values derived from the Bible and set in the context of outdoor adventure, boys from Kindergarten through 12th grade are engaged in a Troop setting by male mentors where they are challenged to grow in character, understand their purpose, serve their community, and develop practical leadership skills to carry out the mission for which they were created.

Living the Trail Life is a journey derived from the Word of God
with a goal of producing Godly and responsible husbands, fathers and citizens.

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Learn more about Trail Life USA and have an opportunity to ask questions
about the new Christ-centered Scouting-like program for boys and young men.

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Our troop is chartered by Bartlesville Southern Baptist Church
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Our Oath

On My Honor,
I will do my best
To serve God and my country;
To respect authority;
To be a good steward of creation;
And to treat others as I want to be treated

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier national character development organization for
young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and clear: to guide generations of courageous young men to
honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.

Motto - "Walk Worthy"

Colossians 1:10 "... that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being
fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;..."


Troop OK-2206 received our charter on March 18, 2019. Our troop is a ministry of Bartlesville
Southern Baptist Church (our Charter Organization) in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Our troop seeks to minister to boys and young men ages 5 - 18 by teaching them, in the
context of outdoor adventure, about character and leadership from a Christian world-view.
The values we seek to reinforce are based upon the truths outlined in the Bible, the holy Word of God.


Trail Life USA allows its troops to select their troop numbers upon receipt of their charters. 
Each troop's number is prefixed by its two letter state abbreviation and, if desired, a biblical 
passage that speaks to the heart of their ministry.

Our troop number, 2206, was selected from scripture.
It is a reference to a passage from Proverbs 22 Verse 6.

Train up a child in he way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

As we experience adventure together, and as we work to mold the next generation of boys into men, 
we aim to do it all in the name of; and to the glory of our Lord and Savior!

Woodlands Trail (K - 5th Grades)

The Woodlands Trail Program is designed for boys of elementary-school age, comprising two-year programs for three age groups:

Foxes (grades K-1) Hawks (grades 2-3) Mountain Lions (grades 4-5)


During each two-year program, the Trailmen participate in activities from among seven areas (known as Branches), including:

  • Heritage Branch - An exploration of our American Heritage, Christian Heritage, and a boy's own family heritage. Emphasis is placed on upholding the finest traditions of the heritage we obtain from our forefathers.
  • Hobbies Branch - An exploration of various indoor and outdoor hobbies that demand varying levels of knowledge, skill, or aptitude.
  • Life Skills Branch. - Teaching life lessons ranging from the practical and mundane to higher-level interpersonal skill sets.
  • Outdoor Skills Branch. - Providing basic understanding of woodcraft, hiking, exploration, and camping skills, this branch would include such subjects as knots and lashings, proper use of knives (Mountain Lions only), Tread Lightly (outdoor principals), navigation, and plant/animal/hazard identification.
  • Science and Technology Branch. - An exploration of physical and natural science concerning the amazing world our God created.
  • Sports & Fitness Branch. - Having fun in the outdoors with sports and other activities, this branch would include such items as baseball, football, soccer, bicycling, track and field, and other group or team sports.
  • Values Branch. - Instilling biblically based values within the boys. The central focus of this branch is teaching of the Christian faith.


The Branches on the Branch Patch correspond to the seven primary instructional areas of the Trail Life USA program for all ages. Branches in the Navigators and Adventurer Units are called "Frontiers".

Branch Pins are earned by completion of STEPS. A Branch Pin will be given for each Branch completed for a total of seven Branch Pins, which are attached to the color-coded Branch on the Branch Patch. The color of the Branch Pin itself corresponds to the age group so that there is differentiation between Branches earned as a Fox (bronze), a Hawk (sliver), and a Mountain Lion (gold).

Upon earning all seven Branch Pins (one corresponding to each of the listed branches), he earns the Forest Award for his age group which replaces the Branch Patch (retired and saved in a memory box) and starts the process again but this time earning Sylvan Stars.


'Steps' are skills or points of knowledge that make up the branches of the Woodlands Trail program. They are not necessarily intended to show a mastery of a skill or topic but, instead, a progressive movement from exposure to practice to proficiency.


Upon completion of this instruction, as well as hands on learning, the Mountain Lion may earn the WOODSMAN CARD, which may be carried as proof of completion of skills necessary to handle all aspects of camp fire safety when going on outdoor activities with his Patrol, Troop, or family.


Upon completion of this instruction, as well as hands on learning, the Mountain Lion may earn the FIREGUARD CARD, which may be carried as proof of completion of skills necessary to handle all aspects of camp fire safety when going on outdoor activities with his Patrol, Troop, or family.


The Timberline Award is the highest award that a Trailman, having earned the Mountain Lion Forest Award, can achieve in the Woodlands Trail Program. It was developed to celebrate a boy's entrance into the new world of Trail Life USA's Navigators program.

There are four (4) Manhood Principals and requirements for the Timberline Award.


  • To live boldly and avoid being passive
  • To live responsibly
  • To live courageously
  • To live for the greater rewards of God

Navigators (6th - 8th Grades)

The Navigators Program is designed for young men of middle-school age. The Trailmen are eager to move up from Woodlands Trail and take the outdoor program to the next level. They enjoy hiking and camping just like the older Adventurers but they benefit from more structure and supervision. It is good for these boys to get as involved in the planning process as they are able. They learn much from the decisions make by adult leaders, but they learn even more from the reasoning behind the decisions.

During their three years in the Navigators program, Trailmen work on rank advancement. Their ranks represent a growing ability to operate comfortably, safely, and confidently in the outdoors. These skills will form the foundation of later adventures and teach important life lessons in character development.

Navigators participate in a true outdoor program with hiking, camping, and other activities. They are in more of a learning mode, developing their core skills with adequate supervision and easing gracefully into camping by patrols. As they climb through the ranks of Journey Trailman, Able Trailman, and Ready Trailman, they will lay a safe and comfortable foundation for the challenges of the Adventurers Program.

Boys in the Navigators Patrols range in age from 10 to 14 years old. You will notice fantastic personal growth in these boys as they progress in this particular age range. They will become competent in the outdoor program through learning the nine Ready Trailman required Trail Badges and participating in the outdoor program. They have great prospects for accomplishment and maturity if their energies are properly focused.

Navigators have a simple patrol structure. The youth leader is a Junior Patrol Leader, and members are called upon as needed to step up and handle certain jobs during meetings or activities according to the duty roster. They should camp, cook, and eat by patrol during outings whenever practical. Junior Patrol Leaders should maintain order unless they encounter undue resistance from the patrol members in question. Preferably the Trail Guide or Trailmaster only gets involved when youth leaders are not making satisfactory progress and then, if possible, only to the extent of backing up the Junior Patrol Leader's authority. Direct involvement in correction should be an avenue of last resort.


Navigators advance through three ranks: Recruit Trailman, Able Trailman, and Ready Trailman. If earned, they retain the rank of Ready Trailman when they become Adventurers:


The Recruit has taken his first big step as a Trailman. He is starting out on the trail with a can-do attitude that will help him meet the challenges ahead. This is a joining rank that concentrates on being safe and knowing how to plug in to all the resources available in one's Troop family. The Recruit attends his first hikes and camp outs, and makes new friends in his Troop.


The Able Trailman is truly an able man. He knows how to hike safely and comfortably and handle a lot of situations that might come up. These skills are the foundation for the next ranks. This rank concentrates on being comfortable in the outdoors. The Able Trailman learns a number of things that a Trailman is expected to know about nature, America, and leadership.


The Ready Trailman is ready for whatever happens. He has a full set of camping skills and does his fair share of the work as well as the fun. This rank concentrates on making a boy a useful fellow to have around camp. A Ready Trailman is competent in his outdoor skills and prepared for a variety of outdoor adventures. He will learn many things that will make him handy to have around. People expect a competent outdoorsman to have a successful attitude about most things in life, and the path to Ready Trailman will help him develop that attitude.

Adventurers (9th - 12th Grades)

Adventurers are high school-age teens who are ready and willing to make big decisions. Where Navigators focus on ranks as they become capable outdoorsmen, Adventurers focus on awards that represent increased independence and leadership skills.

While the younger age-level programs are much more structured and defined by specific program materials, the Adventurers program is purposely less structured and more flexible for older boys to customize according to their interests and goals. A unique aspect of the Adventurers program is that different patrols can actually choose to engage in different program emphases. There is the potential to operate multiple Adventurers patrols as if they were separate units. One patrol could be engaged as a backpacking crew. Another may enjoy a variety of high adventure activities. Yet another may choose to focus their program efforts around water craft. The point is that the boys at this age can work together socially in a group setting to determine their own interests as a group, and then to pursue those interests in a very rewarding way.

The First Officer and Second Officer, as high profile youth leaders, oversee the Adventurers program. Patrol Leaders are selected to head each patrol.


Adventurers advance through three awards:
Journey Trailman, Horizon Trailman, and Freedom Rangeman:


A Journey Trailman is at the head of a higher Adventurers Trail, one of leadership. As he takes this trail, he must remember to take Christ as his guide. He is the way, the truth, and the light. He is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. A Journey Trailman internalizes the four ?selves? of good character: self-respect, self-control, self-reliance, and self-worth. This is a joining award. A Trailman who earns the Ready Trailman Rank as a Navigator has also completed the Journey Award.


A Horizon Trailman still looks back to the younger boys and helps them with their skills, but he also looks ahead to the Freedom Award and seeks to help the troop succeed and to help Freedom candidates with their Freedom service projects. He should be not only useful to the troop, he should also be learning valuable lessons about life that will pay off time and again when he is a man.


A Freedom Rangeman understands and appreciates his freedom as a gift given all mankind by God.
He also understands that the chance to enjoy that freedom was bought by the hard work, courage, and sacrifices of men just like him.

Contact Info:
Bartlesville Southern Baptist Church

5111 Nowata Rd, Bartlesville, OK 74006
Church Office: (918) 333-8335
Church email: info@bsbcok.org
Troop OK-2206 email: troop-ok2206@bsbcok.org